The humanly way is sure to make 2030 a total waste:

It’s been 8 years already from the time humanity declared its goal of helping the world’s poor see a better world, and to end poverty in all its forms via the Global Goals, and the best humanity has done to date, is to completely stop talking about these goals, at least not publicly.

Those people whose singular mission is “to end global poverty and achieve the Global Goals by 2030”, have also already reverted to their default position of ensuring no direct connection with those of us who are directly battling abject poverty — except when their own solutions reach your village by random chance, something which rarely happens, and which rarely leaves any impact.

In other words, the money that is intended to end global poverty once and for all, has continued to be spent in the billions even today, just not in the hands of those of us who are directly battling abject poverty.


On the other hand:

Humanity as a whole, with a little helping from the international media, has continued to embrace its time-honored tradition of instructing every human on earth that:

“‘if you are to help the world’s extreme poor escape poverty, the best way to do so is by safely placing your support very, very far away from the poor themselves, and by being very careful not to work with them directly — under the premise that the poor, especially those us in Africa, are somehow wannabe fraudsters…

… and that only the most legit people, which by default means those from the west, are the ones who must be at the helm of ending extreme poverty, and are the ones everyone must throw their support behind.

These things have been said on countless occasions. For example, after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, here is what was said: “Don’t send money overseas. Even though Haiti is a foreign disaster, don’t send a donation to a foreign bank account. Experts say this is never legit” – Forbes.

In other words, the world has historically instructed every person on earth to strictly place their support for ending global poverty, only in the hands of the same people who barely work with the extreme poor.

So much so that, for people like me, even if you contacted someone in the global north and asked them only for a tweet about your cause, they will simply cringe, and decline a tweet right away — often without even taking a minute to learn about your cause. Not becoz they are apathetic, but because they have simply been conditioned to think that way.

But the fact is: for those of us at the very bottom of the pyramid, this is nothing but a condemnation to a lifetime of chronic poverty.

In my village of Namisita (in Kamuli), where the UCF is based, no single antipoverty agency has crossed foot here since 2015, and it was that way from the days of the Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015).

And it isn’t just Namisita.

It is the same in every other remote rural community you visit across our region, and certainly in every impoverished community elsewhere. 

But in places like Davos, or the Global Citizen Festival, humanity is very keen to proclaim its commitment to ending poverty in all its forms everywhere, all the while ensuring no direct connection with those of us who are directly battling ultra poverty.

These are the things that make a final end to global extreme poverty a very chanceful, unpredictable process.

It is why I am asking you to help the @UgandaFarm end extreme poverty in our region of Busoga, Uganda’s most impoverished region, by working together with the unhumanly way.